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The Ionic Alliance Foundation Attends The Yoga Expo 2023

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Saturday 7, 2023 - In Pasadena, CA 

January started with momentum for The Ionic Alliance Foundation as it participated in The Yoga Expo 2023 among exhibitors from holistic wellness, health, yogis, sustainability, green technologies, and other associating fields. It granted the opportunity to meet incredible professionals and people with related interests.

Co-Founder and Managing director Jasen Petersen gave a presentation on the Ionic Alliance Foundation and the technology of Ion Biotechnology Aqueous Ligands - IBAL. He also participated in a panel discussion to express IAF's endeavors with COVID. 

Throughout the day, attendees were informed about the IBAL technology as they passed along the exhibit booth. For the IAF foundation and its mission, it allowed connecting with others to make aware of the potential of the technology and the benefits it can provide.

Also learning about other companies’ experiences was unique and stimulated networking with businesses and enthusiasts.

The Ionic Alliance Foundation was delighted to have the opportunity to be part of The Yoga Expo and looks forward to establishing contact with all the fascinating people encountered. It was estimated to have an outlet of 5,000+ people. 

IAF wishes to continue being inspired by collaboration and exploration into new technologies for health and wellness to help establish the potential of IBAL. 

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