Ionic Alliance Foundation establishes grants and nonprofit roadways to fund research, educate the public, and prevent disease. IAF’s mission is to create healthier communities by supporting medical research and provide awareness through educational projects.

Development and Grant Projects

  • Develop a multitude of delivery systems to cut clinical administrative requirements.
  • Cationic delivery of nutrition through topical, oral and injectable administration.
  • Establish Studies on optimum cellular signaling through nutritional balances.
  • Establish Studies on the reduction of Oxidative Stress
  • Delivery cellular regenerative therapies.
  • Deliver Lyme and pathological solutions.
  • Develop Oncology solutions.
  • Develop Autoimmune Disorder solutions.

Funding Projects

  • Collaboration with Existing and like-minded foundations
  • Crowdfunding for a 501c.
  • International Grant Applications

Promotional Projects

  • Administrative expansion
  • Research Projects
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns

Existing Grants

  • INADEM – Mexican Federal Government – Infection Prevention and Wound Healing